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  I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your guidance and expertise in helping me attain my fitness goals. The workouts you have designed for me are effective, challenging, and most importantly, fun. My increased strength and stamina has allowed me to continue my weekend warrior activities at the highest level (my golf game is back to a single digit handicap) without the painfull recovery time. Your common sense approach to nutrition for a guy who has become metabolically challenged since I turned 30 is a tremendous assist. Again thank you for your great work.
- Chris A. 

  I can't say enough about my trainer Bernie and the success I feel I have had. As the result of brain surgery a few years ago, the left side of my body was weak and I had balance problems. Bernie focused on correcting the shortcomings in my strength and balance. After 4 months I went from being able to do one push up (just barely) to being able to do 38, and from pressing 25 pounds to 85 pounds on the bench press. More important to me, I feel good and have great energy! I really want to get out and do challenging physical things now, which was not previously the case. I've bought a bike and riding it is just plain fun. Actually, the key to this whole program for me is the element of fun. Bernie made me laugh along with encouraging me and pushing me to do my best. And if I'm having fun I can do just about anything! A great personal trainer really did change the way I am living my life.
- Judi D.

  As a 47 year old working mother of two, finding the time to get back in shape was a challenge. My schedule was accomadated, which in turn allowed me to reach my fitness goals. Personal Training Designs have managed to incorporate fun into working out. Thanks to Bernie, I am more fit than ever and have no intentions of slowing down!
- Joan E.

  A few months ago I decided it was time to make some changes in my lifestyle by changing the way I was eating and increasing my activity. I made one major change, and that was to hire Bernie as my personal trainer, and this has changed my life in such a great way. Bernie has taught me the importance of nutrition (which is something I am still working to perfect) as well as incorporating weight training with cardio. I was so excited to re-assess, and when I did I found out that not only did I lose 4% bodyfat, but my measurements decreased and I improved my strength and flexibility. I am extremely happy to be working with Bernie, he has helped me make positive changes in my life that will stay with me forever. I look forward to my next assessment because I know my results will keep improving. I would not be where I am today if not for Bernie and all his support and motivation.
- Joanna P.

  The training I received was inspirational and positively life changing. I had an incredibly supportive, knowledgable and compassionate trainer in Bernie, who showed me through his example and instruction the correct way to condition myself. Bernie was superb in showing me how to move past my nagging injuries and this built confidence in me that enabled me to reach my conditioning goals. In some areas I more than quadrupled my strength. I was hesitant at first to invest in my health. I now know that this was a great choice. Working Bernie's program was liberating and has led to strength in all aspects of my life.
- Ron C.


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